Andreas Agiannitopoulos

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Andreas Agiannitopoulos

Andreas Agiannitopoulos (a.k.a Dj A) became famous to the Greek audience with the track Anazitisi (Quest) (Feat. Sonia), which the original release (with Greek lyrics) included in the compilation Stavedo 2, and the Dub Mix of the track by Adriano Papadea included in the compilation Concealed Truth. The Greek version of the track was chosen from Dj Ravin and included in the worldwide famous compilation Buddha Bar Χ. The same track, after a few months, also included in the compilation Art Deco In Style.

In 2008 the track Piano Dream, was one of the most successful tracks of the compilation Mass Mellow. The collaboration with Dj Ravin continues and tho the release Buddha Bar ΧΙ the track Piano Dream also included. The track was also the main part of the soundtrack for Greece’s Beauty pageant 2009 (Ant1) and was also used to many commercial spots.

The same year, releases his first personal album Essential Life, which Piano Dream is also included.

In 2009 he surprise us again, with his new big collaboration with the worldwide known label and compilations Cafe Del Mar by releasing the track Cause I’m not sorry…, but he didn’t stop there. His remix of Royksopp for the track Tricky tricky was nominated at the contest that the group did for that track, and until today, has the highest listeners.

In 2010 he creates his own label O2records and he releases the Digital single Rain Of Love,No matter & Digital album Into the deep which immediately loved to the Greek electronica dance scene.